30 December 2009

A cat in a hat

Or is that a guitar? Anyway, I finished a project: A hat. Based on the Phannie pattern. It's snug, but not too, so that's okay :) Or it's just a matter of getting used to the way it sits on my head, I never wear hats..

I had some trouble getting the ribbing in the right direction (as in: pointing outwards, instead of inwards) but I fixed it in the end by simply turning the whole project inside-out and finishing off the hat with a couple of rows of single crochets in which I decreased. Which I frogged several times due to not having taken my enormous head into account.

The new year is approaching fast, which means I only have a few days left in which I can use the fact that it's christmas holidays as an excuse to not do any homework... But that also means that I have only a few more days left to indulge in insane amounts of crocheting, so I better get back to work :)

20 December 2009

I'm starting early on my New Year's resolutions

And one of them is definitely to learn how to make stuff like this:

(made by Mossy's Masterpiece Cake/Cupcake Designs)

So cute, so lovely, and they look so delicious too!
I got the link to this page from Cakewrecks, so if you like looking at pretty and not so pretty cakes, go take a look on that site. It's awesome.

The mandatory introduction-post

Here it is, the mandatory introduction-post in which I bore you with the reason why I started this blog.

In a nutshell:
- To show off my love for yarn and crochet
- To post WiP, FO's and frogged nonsense
- To post about food I made or want to make or am going to make
- To post some of the tiny tidbits of stories I like to write
- To post pictures I am particularly proud of or just felt like posting
- To talk nonsense. Looking good so far.

How's that for an intro?