29 April 2010

We had something to celebrate

So I made some noms.

Aren't they gorgeous?! They're exceptionally rich, moist, chocolatey chocolate cupcakes, made from the recipe by Pioneer Woman. Ree, my hero, you know how to make chocolate even more delicious!

And yes, indeedy, that's my kitchen appliances bar there in the background. Note the insanely brightly coloured silicone brush and spatula. Every kitchen needs insanely brightly coloured kitchen tools, don't you think?

Oh, and what did we celebrate?
Eight years of love.

I'd insert a picture here of the two of us showing infinite amounts of love, but I just realised I don't have a blog-appropriate picture of the two of us together... (no, no, don't worry. they're all up-the-nostril-down-the-cleavage-blocked-by-really-bad-hairday-shots. I know what you were thinking. But we're not like that. No. No, we're not. We're not. Shut up.)

22 April 2010

Knitting 101

I spent a gift certificate I had lying around in the house on a certain yellow knitting bible (for dummies, because I failed at understanding knitting from youtube tutorials. I think the title applies.). Got my needles, got my yarn, all set for my first knitting experience.

When I get my homework done, that is.

14 April 2010

Best. Breakfast. Ever. EVER.

Take apple, chop up, take yoghurt, dunk in bowl, throw in apple, throw in heaping amount of nuts and raisins, slather honey on top, take bite, have impromptu daydream of swimming in a sea of yoghurt and honey. Hmmmm....

13 April 2010

*bubble* *splurt* *smudge* *bubble*

For those not familiar with the toxic oozelings from WoW: trust me. That's totally the sound they make when running up to you to nom on your legs. Or whatever it is they want to do when they try and attack you. (in other words: "what are you going to do, bleed on me?!")

For those that are familiar with the toxic oozelings from WoW: yes, that is the sound they make. Yes it is. Yes. Yes it is. Nenernenercan'thearyounenenene.

(pattern found on Tossed Cookies)

12 April 2010

The Turtle Moves!

She's done! All set, ready to go and soar through the skies, to destinations unknown..
Or just to stand on my bookcase and look awesomely cute. I give you: The Discworld!

The Disc itself was a bitch to make, but I kind of just winged it. It turned out wonky and wobbly, mainly because I didn't have any white acrylic yarn similar to the rest of the colours, and had to take some left-over white silk-cotton mix I bought when I just started learning myself to crochet and tried making a scarf.

I never finished the scarf. It ended up being about 40 cm. long and went from 15 cm. wide to 10.

Anyway! Picture! Disc! Tadah!

The BF already suggested I make a Fifth Elephant.. so that it could crash in the middle. I figured a big gray elephant butt would be enough for that, but we'll see. For now, I'll just stick to a nice, clean, void-of-crashed-elephant-Discworld.

2 April 2010

Fly, my pretties, fly!!

Discworld is coming together slowly but surely! I recently finished the last elephant and pinned them to the back of my little A'Tuin (poor thing, 15 pins in her back..) for a test-run. They fit! Sort of! I hope that when the disc is attached, they'll stay put properly and won't stick their asses in the air like the one in the top of this picture..

In other news: because I was in desperate need of more signs of Spring around my house, I bought a lovely bunch of flowers to put in the living room:

I love flowers, especially those off-white gerberas. They're so cute and cheerful!