30 October 2011

Monkeys. With feathers.

(apologies in advance for the somewhat crappy photos. There's something wrong with my camera. Something horrible. That makes every picture I take come out pixelated, grainy and unpretty. I did what I could... But this seems beyond my expertise. (I probably messed with some settings or something... Knowing me, I fiddled with a button and now I can't get it to be as before...) )

Who let the birds out? We, we, we, we, we! They've been enjoying some time out of the cage in the living room and oh boy, are they having fun with it! Their favourite spot seems to be in the chains of our dining table lamp, but the bar between the lamps is not a bad spot to sit either. They're slowly but surely coming closer to us as well. Where they would fly off towards the highest point in the room they could find before, they now happily hop around on the table, even with us sitting right next to it, and even enjoyed a bit of dipping their beaks in a bowl of water not 30 cm. from where I was sitting! Not bathing, yet. Though it was close.

We're trying to teach them to step up, hence the big stick in the picture they're eyeballing there, which will allow us to train them better and eventually might even get them hand-tame (fingers crossed), and so far they think it's a great game to fly up on the stick, allow us to cart them around for a little while, and fly off again. Last week, they totally got into it and would jump on my stick from long distances, flying to it from the cage when I was on the other side of the room, getting really close to my hand... (this picture is from last week, by the way. As you can see, Anzu enjoyed a bit of bathing, and hadn't dried up completely yet. His tummy is all wet..)

Tomorrow, they'll get to enjoy some more time out of the cage. Who knows, maybe they'll get even closer to us then! Or won't, and eat the curtains. Or the table. Who knows what kind of monkey business they'll get into?

I mean...

With a face like this, you know you can expect anything.

24 October 2011

Autumn sun

I love it.

How's that for an opening? I love it! I love it enough that it makes me run around like a loon, snapping pictures and thrashing through piles of leaves (in open shoes, which, and I may be stating the obvious here, is not such a great idea. Bugs in my shoes.. *shudder*).

I had a busy week last week, with my graduation ceremony on Wednesday, a shopping trip for said graduation ceremony on Monday, and Blizzcon 2011 on Friday and Saturday. Not that I was actually there, although I would have loved to go (26.000 fellow gaming geeks, geeking out over stuff that only fellow gaming geeks can geek out over... I would love it!), but we spent our Friday and Saturday night in front of the computer screen, watching the livestream.

Sunday, I was spent, but couldn't go back to sleep after the birds woke me up at 11 am because they were HUUUUNGRY, so I headed out the door and went for a walk in the park. The weather was gorgeous, albeit a bit cold, so I walked for about an hour and a half snapping pictures left, right and centre.

Today, I got up to... the same type of weather! Lovely! Because it was earlier, the light was even more gorgeous. So, in this post, I give you... the top 6 of a total of 104 photos. Yeah, I know, 104. Sheesh.

14 October 2011

Comfort Breakfast

I know people are always harping on about the wonderful world that is Nutella and banana (which, by the way, really is disgusting, I mean, come on, bananas will still taste like bananas no matter how much chocolate spread, sprinkles, brown sugar or rum you add to it), but have you ever tried Nutella and apple? Really, it's the most amazing combination ever! I sometimes chop up an apple in half-moon slices and scoop up the Nutella from a bowl (hmmm..) but trust me. Make this for breakfast when you need it, and you'll have a great day no matter how shitty it started.

Hmmmm... I bet it would taste even better on toast, with the Nutella going slightly runny from the heat and the apples soaking up the heat a bit and, of course, the Nutella..


(p.s. I am fidgeting with my blog's look once again. I feel a new banner coming up someday soon, it's been bugging me for a while now, and I'm trying to get the sizing of the pictures right. Now, my screen is HUMONGOUS, (because yay, big screens means awesome gaming experience) so if you have a smaller screen than a 23 inch widescreen, puretty purlease with sugar on top, let me know how these pictures look on your screen. Too big? Falling off the bottom? Getting eaten alive by pictsies? I WANT TO KNOW!)

9 October 2011


This weekend we...

Let the birds out of their cage for the first time. Well, the first time on purpose, that is. They got out by accident last week and had some nasty encounters with the windows. This time, we decided to let them out and keep a close eye on them. They were scared, at first. Especially when only one of the two had found its way out of the cage and couldn't find its buddy. But giving it time, and keeping calm, we managed to get both birds out and after a while, they were chasing each other through the air like nobody's business! Getting them back in the cage when it was their bedtime was a mess, however... It took us over an hour to catch both and get them in.

We're getting a new, big cage next week, which can open at the top and is much bigger, and has a large door so we can let them out and they can actually get in when they want to. We also hung up some curtains to shield off one part of the living room when we want, so we can let them out in a smaller area. Less chasing for us. Yay!

And sorting through the stash of a dear old lady. She never threw anything away... And this is only half of what was in the giant bag her daughter gave me. We believed that was all the stash she had left, but she's keeping an eye out for more because with my grandma, you never know. I also took the pillow back with me. It seemed so strange to do this, but the BF told me it would be good: it bears good memories. And it was something between my grandma and me. I don't know. I just know that it makes me smile when I see it, even though I still am picking off cat hairs any time I pick it up.

Next week, I will hopefully get somewhere with celebrating those 100 posts of mine. Stay tuned!