9 October 2011


This weekend we...

Let the birds out of their cage for the first time. Well, the first time on purpose, that is. They got out by accident last week and had some nasty encounters with the windows. This time, we decided to let them out and keep a close eye on them. They were scared, at first. Especially when only one of the two had found its way out of the cage and couldn't find its buddy. But giving it time, and keeping calm, we managed to get both birds out and after a while, they were chasing each other through the air like nobody's business! Getting them back in the cage when it was their bedtime was a mess, however... It took us over an hour to catch both and get them in.

We're getting a new, big cage next week, which can open at the top and is much bigger, and has a large door so we can let them out and they can actually get in when they want to. We also hung up some curtains to shield off one part of the living room when we want, so we can let them out in a smaller area. Less chasing for us. Yay!

And sorting through the stash of a dear old lady. She never threw anything away... And this is only half of what was in the giant bag her daughter gave me. We believed that was all the stash she had left, but she's keeping an eye out for more because with my grandma, you never know. I also took the pillow back with me. It seemed so strange to do this, but the BF told me it would be good: it bears good memories. And it was something between my grandma and me. I don't know. I just know that it makes me smile when I see it, even though I still am picking off cat hairs any time I pick it up.

Next week, I will hopefully get somewhere with celebrating those 100 posts of mine. Stay tuned!


  1. Brilliant, well done!! Seeing them flying around freely outside their cage is the best, isn't it? But for hilarious: have you tried bathing them yet? Kiwi always refused to use his bird bath that came with the cage, but when he's outside and we fill a plate with water he dives straight in... and comes out looking one nasty little fellow, soaking wet and with nostrils showing :D
    Have a lovely week x

  2. We actually tried bathing them this week but they refused to go into the little dish-turned-bathtub! They drank from it, and pooped in it (disgusting little monkeys), but they wouldn't go in it. We do shower them regularly though, especially now that it's molting season, with a spray bottle set to a fine mist. It looks hilarious!