24 October 2011

Autumn sun

I love it.

How's that for an opening? I love it! I love it enough that it makes me run around like a loon, snapping pictures and thrashing through piles of leaves (in open shoes, which, and I may be stating the obvious here, is not such a great idea. Bugs in my shoes.. *shudder*).

I had a busy week last week, with my graduation ceremony on Wednesday, a shopping trip for said graduation ceremony on Monday, and Blizzcon 2011 on Friday and Saturday. Not that I was actually there, although I would have loved to go (26.000 fellow gaming geeks, geeking out over stuff that only fellow gaming geeks can geek out over... I would love it!), but we spent our Friday and Saturday night in front of the computer screen, watching the livestream.

Sunday, I was spent, but couldn't go back to sleep after the birds woke me up at 11 am because they were HUUUUNGRY, so I headed out the door and went for a walk in the park. The weather was gorgeous, albeit a bit cold, so I walked for about an hour and a half snapping pictures left, right and centre.

Today, I got up to... the same type of weather! Lovely! Because it was earlier, the light was even more gorgeous. So, in this post, I give you... the top 6 of a total of 104 photos. Yeah, I know, 104. Sheesh.

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  1. Lovely photos! I really like the one of dew on grass.