24 February 2010

I think I might be turning into an actual woman now..

Quick! Hide your children! She's.. turning into a woman!

So, as far as I can remember, I have never been a heels-type of woman. The last shoes I bought with actual heels were my dancing shoes for ballroom dancing. That's about 8 years ago. I can't walk in the buggers. I can't stay upright. I have been a sneakers-type of girl for as long as I can remember.

But then today, I went shopping with my Mutti, and decided these were the shoes for me:

Aren't they awesome and cool? That buckle really is kind of ginormous and cool and they fit so well, even on my huge feet! Love them!
Of course, I have only walked like 10 meters with them so far, but I am planning on wearing them to work tomorrow to get used to them. And bringing my trusty flat sneakers for when I get sick of them. But damn dude, I'm totally turning into one of those high-heels-chicks now! Awesome!

21 February 2010


It's 2 in the morning. I'm making elephants. I think something's wrong with me.

19 February 2010

Swim, baby, swim!

Outside, it's frightfully cold and very unwilling to show even the slightest hint of Spring being around the corner. I don't mind too much though. In here, I've got my crochet supplies and am feeling quite toasty. Toasty enough to finish one of the 6 elements of the Crochet Discworld :)

Here she is, in all her glory, The Great A'Tuin! Or is it a he? I don't know. All I know is that it is done, and freaking adorable. I mean, look at it:


Now all I need to do is make 4 tiny elephants to fit on her shell, because she's smaller than I had anticipated... And maybe I need to give her some eyelids to hide the backs of the black buttons I used for eyes. From the side, she looks adorable with her big black eyes, from the front, she looks odd and lopsided because they tend to wiggle a bit. And make the Disc, of course. Plenty of work for me still :) It's a good thing X Factor is back on TV on Friday nights: 1,5 hours of crochet time for me, while the BF tries his hardest to ignore any sound coming from the living room because he hates the show with a passion. Hehehe.

In other news: My knitting is going very, very slow. It's okay when I stick to just knitting, but as soon as I do a row of purling in between, I can't seem to get the right needle in between the gaps of the yarn on the left needle. Work in progress.

In other, other news: I have found out that they sell food colourants and fondant stuff in a shop in our mall! It's not much, but at least they have it! Also, I found out that it really is very dangerous for me to go into a shop that sells baking supplies.. All those tins in all kinds of shapes.. So tempting...

11 February 2010

Insteken, omslaan, doorhalen, af laten glijden!

Guess what?! I knitted today! My pretty bamboo knitting needles still feel awkward in my hands, but that's a matter of getting used to, I suppose. My little bit of practice has turned into a lovely light blue rectangle (cast on 12 stitches to try it out, found out that there's tons of different ways to do a cast on too) and so far, I love it. Next up: learning how to purl so I can start making the pretty V-shaped stitches.

10 February 2010

My friends don't get me.

I love going shopping for yarn. Love it. What's not to love, right? All those pretty colours, the soft luxurious feel of yarn in your hands (had some difficulty letting the squishy soft angora wool go to be honest...), the atmosphere (sweet old ladies talking knitting is fun to listen to. I think it reminds me of my grandmother.), and the fact that I never leave a yarn shop without at least 1 skein of new yarn, ready to be made into a new project. My friends don't get that. They don't get that I can be as happy as a cloud looking through walls and walls of yarn. So when I take them with me to go yarn shopping, they usually just stand around, bothered by the relatively small space left to stand in because everything is taken up by yarn, or on occasion helping me find the right colour so they can leave as fast as possible.
Today was just like that. (although they did help out with the colours better than I had expected, thanks girls!) Only it took me longer than usual. I went in to buy a (for me, that is) HUGE amount of yarn to make me one of these:

(made by June from www.planetjune.com)

Isn't it AWESOME?! It's the Great A'Tuin, from the magnificent Disworld-series written by Terry Pratchett. Who happens to be my favourite author of all time period. I saw it, fell in love, showed it to the boyfriend, who went 'COOOOOOL' and bought me the patterns for June's sea turtle and elephants. So I bought heaps and heaps of yarn today! 11 skeins in total! (although I might go back and get a different colour blue for the disc. I'm not really happy with the colour I bought because it's too dark, but still a very pretty colour of blue so I'll make something else out of it.)

But wait! There's more! I bought...


Knitting needles! Pretty bamboo ones! I decided that the pretty street-coloured yarn I bought earlier (the one on the right) should be made into mittens or fingerless mitts or gloves or something but all the patterns I loved most for it were knitting patterns. So there! An incentive to start knitting! And because reading blogs and Ravelry got me spoiled before I even learned to hold knitting needles properly, I decided to go for bamboo needles because they felt so much more comfortable than the aluminium ones. Now let's hope I can learn to knit just as fast as I learned how to crochet.

1 February 2010

Minor success!

It's a cupcake! With a marsmellow fondant topper! I decided yesterday that I'd try my hand at making a small batch of marsmellow fondant. Literally try my hand, since I don't have a mixer and figured I could try to mix it by hand.
Yes, marsmellows are sticky. Yes, marsmellow fondant is a menace to knead. Yes, my wrist hurt terribly afterwards because I am lefthanded and couldn't for the life of me figure out how to knead the stuff with my right hand. Sounds silly, but is true..
Anyway, I had about 300 grams of the stuff, which was stuffed away in an airtight ziplock bag, and wanted to use it. Now, tomorrow, there's a gathering of sorts of students and teachers of the master I'm currently taking, and we were told that they'd take care of the drinks, as long as we'd take care of the snacks. Tadah! An occasion! I was utterly out of inspiration, however, and have no idea how to work the stuff yet, so I settled for the first thing that popped into my mind: books, with a chocolate cover and fondant pages! (It's a translations master. We translate books. Durr.)

Here's the load, all 24 of them:

Now all I need is a container to carry them in without ruining my work...