24 February 2010

I think I might be turning into an actual woman now..

Quick! Hide your children! She's.. turning into a woman!

So, as far as I can remember, I have never been a heels-type of woman. The last shoes I bought with actual heels were my dancing shoes for ballroom dancing. That's about 8 years ago. I can't walk in the buggers. I can't stay upright. I have been a sneakers-type of girl for as long as I can remember.

But then today, I went shopping with my Mutti, and decided these were the shoes for me:

Aren't they awesome and cool? That buckle really is kind of ginormous and cool and they fit so well, even on my huge feet! Love them!
Of course, I have only walked like 10 meters with them so far, but I am planning on wearing them to work tomorrow to get used to them. And bringing my trusty flat sneakers for when I get sick of them. But damn dude, I'm totally turning into one of those high-heels-chicks now! Awesome!


  1. I think they're really cute <3

  2. D'ahww. Je kunt idd beter beginnen op lage hakjes :). Nu op naar de 10 cm! ;) xx hilde

  3. I am so borrowing your hooker shoes the moment I am able to stay up straight on 10 cm heels.