19 February 2010

Swim, baby, swim!

Outside, it's frightfully cold and very unwilling to show even the slightest hint of Spring being around the corner. I don't mind too much though. In here, I've got my crochet supplies and am feeling quite toasty. Toasty enough to finish one of the 6 elements of the Crochet Discworld :)

Here she is, in all her glory, The Great A'Tuin! Or is it a he? I don't know. All I know is that it is done, and freaking adorable. I mean, look at it:


Now all I need to do is make 4 tiny elephants to fit on her shell, because she's smaller than I had anticipated... And maybe I need to give her some eyelids to hide the backs of the black buttons I used for eyes. From the side, she looks adorable with her big black eyes, from the front, she looks odd and lopsided because they tend to wiggle a bit. And make the Disc, of course. Plenty of work for me still :) It's a good thing X Factor is back on TV on Friday nights: 1,5 hours of crochet time for me, while the BF tries his hardest to ignore any sound coming from the living room because he hates the show with a passion. Hehehe.

In other news: My knitting is going very, very slow. It's okay when I stick to just knitting, but as soon as I do a row of purling in between, I can't seem to get the right needle in between the gaps of the yarn on the left needle. Work in progress.

In other, other news: I have found out that they sell food colourants and fondant stuff in a shop in our mall! It's not much, but at least they have it! Also, I found out that it really is very dangerous for me to go into a shop that sells baking supplies.. All those tins in all kinds of shapes.. So tempting...

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