10 February 2010

My friends don't get me.

I love going shopping for yarn. Love it. What's not to love, right? All those pretty colours, the soft luxurious feel of yarn in your hands (had some difficulty letting the squishy soft angora wool go to be honest...), the atmosphere (sweet old ladies talking knitting is fun to listen to. I think it reminds me of my grandmother.), and the fact that I never leave a yarn shop without at least 1 skein of new yarn, ready to be made into a new project. My friends don't get that. They don't get that I can be as happy as a cloud looking through walls and walls of yarn. So when I take them with me to go yarn shopping, they usually just stand around, bothered by the relatively small space left to stand in because everything is taken up by yarn, or on occasion helping me find the right colour so they can leave as fast as possible.
Today was just like that. (although they did help out with the colours better than I had expected, thanks girls!) Only it took me longer than usual. I went in to buy a (for me, that is) HUGE amount of yarn to make me one of these:

(made by June from www.planetjune.com)

Isn't it AWESOME?! It's the Great A'Tuin, from the magnificent Disworld-series written by Terry Pratchett. Who happens to be my favourite author of all time period. I saw it, fell in love, showed it to the boyfriend, who went 'COOOOOOL' and bought me the patterns for June's sea turtle and elephants. So I bought heaps and heaps of yarn today! 11 skeins in total! (although I might go back and get a different colour blue for the disc. I'm not really happy with the colour I bought because it's too dark, but still a very pretty colour of blue so I'll make something else out of it.)

But wait! There's more! I bought...


Knitting needles! Pretty bamboo ones! I decided that the pretty street-coloured yarn I bought earlier (the one on the right) should be made into mittens or fingerless mitts or gloves or something but all the patterns I loved most for it were knitting patterns. So there! An incentive to start knitting! And because reading blogs and Ravelry got me spoiled before I even learned to hold knitting needles properly, I decided to go for bamboo needles because they felt so much more comfortable than the aluminium ones. Now let's hope I can learn to knit just as fast as I learned how to crochet.

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