16 January 2010

A girl went to the market today..

And bought herself some new yarn!
I only went for one skein, but ended up buying 3. What can I say? I'm a yarnaholic... But see those colours? I'm in love with the one on the right, but the blue/brown mix is also just gorgeous. And the light one just ended up in my hand as if it was supposed to be mine from the beginning. I swear, officer, I don't know how it got there!

One of these skeins (at first I was sure it was going to be the blue/brown one, now I'm more in favour of the multicoloured one) is going to be a cowl. I've already got 4 black shiney buttons I want to use. The others? No clue yet. They'll be turned into cute projects soon enough... Now all I need is a good 3.5 mm needle, because I don't have that. Which means more crochet-shopping! Woo!

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