28 January 2010

The pains of acrylic yarn

I'm making a beret for a friend. She gave me a huge bag full of yarn, and asked for a beret in one of the colourways in return. And because she rocks for giving me such a stash, of course, I oblige!

The thing is, though.. She chose a very brightly coloured acrylic yarn.
It's in the image to the right, the middle skein in the bottom row. And even though I am going to finish it for her, and hope for the best, I am seriously considering just buying a new colour alltogether and make a hat for her out of yarn that is, well, suited for use on one's head..

Plus, there's still 7 skeins left of the stuff. What ever am I going to do with such a mountain of yarn that's just scratchy and unpleasant?

I haven't figured it out yet. I'll keep you (you, meaning, reader, you) posted.

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