30 January 2010


RSI sucks. Trust me. I'm itching to do something productive with my hands but I can't because the bf banned me from crocheting. I have homework to do, but my wrist gets in the way of that. Thursday, I decided to give my wrist the finger and do something anyway, which I am regretting immensely now, but I'll show a progress shot:

Colourful, isn't it? I do kind of like how the colours work out, as if they're bursting out of the centre.
Thanks to the lovely people of Ravelry I figured out that, if I want to make sure this thing fits my friend's head, I'd have to make a ribbed border instead of a simple single crochet border. So when my crochet-ban is lifted, I'll get this puppy done and out of here.

Oh, and since this hasn't even taken me a whole skein to do so far (and I took a used skein first so I could keep the ones with a label for me), I had to solve the issue of 'what ever am I going to do with those other 7 skeins!?!': I'll make a stashbag out of it. It's perfect for a bag that should be big enough to fit most of my yarn and I won't have to worry about having to keep yarn that I'll never use ever again for a project, ever.

Oh, and on a positive note: My boss started the annual sale a few weeks ago, which means we have to check the boxes for interesting stuff nearly every day because 'sale' in his case means 'oh, that new book is damaged? Is it bad? No? 40% off then!' So look what I got, because it arrived slightly damaged and dirty, and it was too expensive to send back to England anyway:


With employee discount, so 52% off in total, meaning I payed only 14 euro's where I'd normally pay 30! And I got rid of most of the smudges on the back by simply using an eraser. Gotta love cheap pretty books!

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