24 January 2010

For when it's cowled outside! (hurhur, get it?)

So ever since I saw a pattern for a cowl on Ravelry I simply had to make it (I had had had to!) since, I reasoned, I was in need of something to keep me warm in the bookshop that wouldn't get in the way when I was working, specifically when I was giftwrapping things and wrapping the ends in along with the book. Trust me, it gets really annoying after the fifth time. But I digress.
So here it is!

Pay no attention to the monkey modelling the cowl, please. And yes, she in fact does have a chin in real life, but it was camerashy.

As you can see, it has three buttons on the front to fasten it on one side, and a single button on the inside of the other end to keep that end up. In other words: it can go as loose or tight as you want. I gave it a bit of texture by adding something slightly resembling cables, but I think I'll have to recheck how to work cables in a crochet piece because they went diagonally instead of just straight from one side to the other. Oh well.

It's really cozy, nice and warm, and my coworker/crochet guru complimented me on how well it was made. So wooh!

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