9 January 2010

So much for new year's resolutions...

I tried, I really did, to find out where to buy fondant. I tried. I found recipes, I found tips and tricks, I even found where to buy ready-made fondant in America. But GODDAMMIT, why don't our supermarkets just sell that stuff?! I mean, I never thought I would say it but I'm kind of jealous of those Americans that can just buy fondant and other cake-decoration supplies from their supermarkets. Jealous. Rawr.
Anyway, that's not stopping me from making cupcakes, they'll just have to go without the fondant snowmen and letters I was planning to make. I might have to ask my friend Merel if she knows where in Holland I can get readymade fondant. (To start off easy, you know.) She might even know how to make fondant myself without having to buy strange ingredients or a friggin kilo of powdered sugar.

In other news: I've been working on a new pair of fingerless gloves that I'm calling Toasty Mitts (because the yarn I'm using is a mix of red, yellow and orange, get it?) and I decided, after browsing Ravelry for hours on end, and after looking for an actual pattern for mittens on Ravelry for about half an hour (Can't help it, I am addicted to Ravelry!), to write my own pattern for them as I went along, to see how it turns out. So far, I'm liking them! But I've only almost finished one of the two, so when I'm done, I'll post the pattern.

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