13 January 2010

Oh so toasty

I, like many people I know, tend to get cold fingers when I'm at the computer for long stretches of time. One of my first actual crochet projects was a pair of fingerless mitts that were supposed to keep my fingers warm, but they never did their job properly. After reworking the last rows of stitches at least 4 times I gave up on them and tried some other projects, like the hat I posted earlier, and a pair of mittens in the same yarn. That gave me an idea: I could just work mittens like that and leave the fingertips off! Brilliant, if I say so myself.

Here's the result, aptly named 'toasty mitts' because they're in a firey colourway. See? See?

I even managed to make notes while making them, so I might even try my hand at writing an actual pattern for them, although I'm still not happy with the stiffness of the project. Oh well. For now, they'll do just fine.

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