1 February 2010

Minor success!

It's a cupcake! With a marsmellow fondant topper! I decided yesterday that I'd try my hand at making a small batch of marsmellow fondant. Literally try my hand, since I don't have a mixer and figured I could try to mix it by hand.
Yes, marsmellows are sticky. Yes, marsmellow fondant is a menace to knead. Yes, my wrist hurt terribly afterwards because I am lefthanded and couldn't for the life of me figure out how to knead the stuff with my right hand. Sounds silly, but is true..
Anyway, I had about 300 grams of the stuff, which was stuffed away in an airtight ziplock bag, and wanted to use it. Now, tomorrow, there's a gathering of sorts of students and teachers of the master I'm currently taking, and we were told that they'd take care of the drinks, as long as we'd take care of the snacks. Tadah! An occasion! I was utterly out of inspiration, however, and have no idea how to work the stuff yet, so I settled for the first thing that popped into my mind: books, with a chocolate cover and fondant pages! (It's a translations master. We translate books. Durr.)

Here's the load, all 24 of them:

Now all I need is a container to carry them in without ruining my work...


  1. This is so fucking adorable. I'll trade a piece of my boterkoek for one? (A)