12 April 2010

The Turtle Moves!

She's done! All set, ready to go and soar through the skies, to destinations unknown..
Or just to stand on my bookcase and look awesomely cute. I give you: The Discworld!

The Disc itself was a bitch to make, but I kind of just winged it. It turned out wonky and wobbly, mainly because I didn't have any white acrylic yarn similar to the rest of the colours, and had to take some left-over white silk-cotton mix I bought when I just started learning myself to crochet and tried making a scarf.

I never finished the scarf. It ended up being about 40 cm. long and went from 15 cm. wide to 10.

Anyway! Picture! Disc! Tadah!

The BF already suggested I make a Fifth Elephant.. so that it could crash in the middle. I figured a big gray elephant butt would be enough for that, but we'll see. For now, I'll just stick to a nice, clean, void-of-crashed-elephant-Discworld.

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