16 August 2010

In between holidays

It's such a weird feeling! I will be leaving Thursday for a weekend-long festival in Holland (Lowlands!) and am currently preparing for that. Plus, I'm busy preparing for the guild-trip to Sweden next week! In other words: I'm back to doing laundry again. But not just that.

Today, because I had received a final warning from the university library to hand in a book, I had to make a little trip to Utrecht. I realised that I have never really understood why people would come to Utrecht as a tourist, but as I was walking onto Stadhuisbrug across one of the canals running through the city centre and looked to the side, suddenly it hit me. It's a beautiful city!

The little canals, the old buildings, it speaks to me.

But maybe I was just in a sentimental mood because I realised that I was entering my very, very last year of uni.


The project is coming along nicely, and since I figured the recipient is too busy at the moment anyway, it can't hurt to show an in-process pic.

I've done two whole colourrepeats now and have done the first two colours of round three. It's growing quite nicely! I'm thinking three more colourrepeats and she's ready. I want to be able to at least fit a large binder in it. But I'm on a tight schedule and since I'm going away for most of the coming two weeks and will not be bringing it along (think about that for a second. 14 balls of yarn, and a project, stuffed inside some bag, being hauled around from one country to the next... Oh, the possibilities to lose one of those balls are endless!)

Last but not least, I was in the mood for something sweet and have been toying around with the idea of using yogurt in a cake for a while now. So I took the plunge. With this recipe by Ree/ Pioneer Woman I managed to whip up a nice cake using a cup of yogurt in stead of butter. The end result was.. different.. than I had expected it to be. It's much more bouncy and chewy than normal cake, but sweet and tasty (albeit not tasting like normal pound cake at all) nonetheless. I ate a bit with some fresh strawberries and it was very nice, so I guess it takes some getting used to the flavours.

It does look pretty though, doesn't it?

So anyway. I will be off for a week or two, see you guys in September! I'll be bringing gifts. And by gifts I mean pictures of Sweden and maybe Lowlands.

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