28 August 2011

What?! Hold the presses! It's.. an FO!

An FO you say? No way! Un-be-lie-va-ble! Made by me? Made by me! I'm just as astounded as you all no doubt are.

Here's the deets.

A whole 17 days ago, my brother's best friend and his wife (I say this, but I mean mainly his wife, since she did all the work) had a baby. A lovely, adorable little girl. And since I love babies (and also love to give them back to their parents when they turn into pooing, screaming monstrosities as babies sometimes do), I quickly wanted to come over for some baby cuddles. But not without presents!

Besides a little bib with the logo of the festival we went to last week (and where the new mommy and daddy couldn't go to for obvious reasons, something they both were pretty miffed about) and a little crinkly fabric book made for tiny baby hands, I had to give them something handmade.

Yep, Mini-Me is too small to model the hat properly.

A ducky hat! Or chicky hat, depending on how you look at it. Personally, I'm going with ducky. It's a simple, single crochet hat worked in the round, with the hardest part to it being keeping an eye on the measurements. It's the right size for a baby between 3 and 6 months old, so perfect for when the weather is going to turn cold, and especially perfect because apparently, all the hats they had were newborn-sized and won't fit come December.

It's made from acrylic baby yarn with some bits and bobs of leftover orange and white to add the beak and eyes. The eyes were finished with a black waterproof marker, since my normal method of making eyes involves black yarn and a needle and usually results in lumps on the back of the eye, something I didn't want in a baby hat.

Mummy and daddy were very happy with a hat that would actually fit, and baby was very happy with her baby cuddles, and fell asleep in my arms while we were dancing around the living room together. I might have to go and visit again soon, baby cuddles are addictive!


  1. LOL..this is just too cute..loving it!!

  2. So cute! And mini-me is doing a fine job modeling it. :)


  3. Little duck-hat is too cute for words, and Mini-Me shows it off as the Very Stylish Girl she is! Superschattig! :-)

  4. I love both - the mini-me and the hat. Amazing and soooo adorable! :) Petra