11 May 2012

FO: Spring Ripple Scarf

It's done! All done, blocked, and ready to go! The Spring Ripple Scarf I made for Mother's day, I mean. And it's lovely! The pattern confused me a bit at first, but I think that's the case with most written-out lace patterns for me (I tend to lose track. I have the attention span of a.. hey a butterfly!), but the pattern comes with a graph which was very, very helpful when I tried to get the sides and turns right. Once you get the pattern right, it's smooth sailing until the end of your yarn. No border, so no fiddling with when you need to make your last row in order to not run out of yarn half-way through your border. Always a bonus! I used two balls of Regia Extra Twist Merino Color (such a mouthful!), and I managed to get the last row in with exactly 3 cm. of yarn left. It's a nice length, even though unblocked it barely came past my chest when I wrapped it once around my neck and personally, I like my scarves on the long-ish side. Once blocked, though, it gained a ton of length and is now longer than my favourite scarf, and the pattern opened up really nicely. So yeah, success!

Even though the pictures make it look more grey than blue, it's actually a lovely colour of blue and purple (damn that horrible weather we've been having!). I was afraid that the colour-changes in the yarn would make the scarf look messy, which often happens with variegated yarns in crochet, but thanks to the pattern I actually quite like it. The light spots, the only part of the yarn I'm not too happy about, aren't too noticeable if you wear it. The yarn itself is soft and squishy, and because I was careful during blocking, the stitches still stick out and haven't been flattened.

To 'top it off', haha, I crack me up, I made a little card with some doodles to go with it, in which I have written some instructions on how to block it and wash it. That way, hopefully, she can enjoy it for a long time to come!

So now that this one is all done... I am at a loss for a new project. I would love to try and make a garment of some sort, maybe for the summer. Any suggestions?


  1. That is gorgeous, beautifully knitted and I so love your card. She'll be delighted. I wish I could help on the project suggestions but I'm bewildered by choice myself so I'm no use! x

    1. Apologies, I meant crocheted oops!

    2. Haha, no worries, I figured as much ;) And thank you! It's awful, isn't it, once you're done with a project, to figure out the next! My Ravelry queue is not very helpful either, because I'm terrible in adding things to my queue!

  2. So pretty. I wish it was knit since I don't crochet!

  3. So pretty! It blocked out perfectly! I love the card, super cute. :) I think you should make...a tank top! Or a T-shirt!