1 November 2012

Birds behaving badly

When I was taking pictures of myself in a chicken leg hat and looking nice and ridiculous, I had an audience: two fluffy bundles of bouncing curiosity. I poked my camera into the cage for some random bird pics and, to my surprise... They weren't afraid of the camera anymore! In fact...

These cuties were hopping up on my hand to get a closer view of the camera! Curious little buggers! Being adorable and everything!

Of course, I knew it wouldn't last for long...

Dun-DUN! Dun-DUN! Dun-DUN-Dun-DUN-Dundundundundundundundun....



  1. So cute. It's funny how I used to think birds didn't have characters like furry pets. I changed my mind when I bird-sat several years ago and found the cockateil was great company. A really little character in the corner of my room. Yours look lovely.

  2. LOL!! Transformation from cutie pie to Jaws in I bet less then two seconds! :D

  3. Ah! They are so cute! And troublesome. Just like bunnies, really....