24 June 2013

Quick! Quick! Did you see that? Was that a month zooming by?

Good grief, where did the time go! I have had such a busy month! And barely had time to breathe, let alone blog. We went through a reorganisation at work, in which my position was reworked to now also include translation and copywriting work, and Tim was made manager. In our free time we have been trying to get the house up to scratch by doing some DIY. Nothing much to show for it though, as we have mainly fixed small problems and retouched some paint work. All that's left, now that the small problem in the form of our leaky kitchen radiator has been fixed, is painting all the radiators a nice clean white instead of the mouldy vomit-green and awful off-white they are now.

On a personal level, I celebrated my 1-year weightlossiversary last week. I fully intended to write a big blog post about it but I simply had no time! I have about half of it written, though. I'll see what I can do.
I have also been lifting weights, and am now up to a 52.5kg deadlift, a 47.5kg bench press, a 42.5kg barbell squat, a 47.5kg barbell row, and a 22.5kg clean and press! I love it. Even though I wrecked my back last week during my last set of clean and presses... Lesson learned, even though it can get in the way, WEAR THE LIFTING BELT. Ow. So I have to take a break now. Let's hope I'm up and running again soon, I actually am bummed out that I can't go to the gym today to lift!

And on a crafty note, I even have been doing a bit of knitting! I started a very basic triangular shawl in a purple sock yarn. I like it, though, simple as it may be, because it's a great practice piece for basic techniques like yarn-over increases and purl rows. I'm carefully plodding away on it, because it might end up being a gift for a friend. I'll let that depend on how it turns out! It is suuuupersoft, and I'm sure that whoever will end up wearing it, will love it!


  1. Happy weightlossiversary! You look great and very happy! That shawl is going to be really pretty. simple shawls are always the prettiest, in my opinion. :)

  2. Holy moly you are looking splendid!