21 January 2014

FO: mittens galore

That was some Christmas season... It kind of flew by without me noticing too much that it was actually Christmas. We had a busy few weeks at work, and things got a bit stressful at home too, and before I knew it, it was 2014 and I had used up what few days I had taken off doing absolutely nothing but catching up on sleep. Things are slowing down now, thankfully, so hopefully I can get back to blogging more regularly!

I finished my mother's mittens back in December, a few days after I started them because the yarn was nice and chunky and the needles were big. The motif was easily done too, and I think they turned out cute! I'm not too fond of the sewn up side, though, but that's a minor detail. My mother was happy with them. Not that she actually was in need of mittens, seeing as the coldest weather we've had so far was around 5°C, but hey. Details. I'm hoping she'll still get some use out of them this season, you never know, last few years we've had crazy snow storms in February, I remember going to work and walking 15 minutes through deep layers of snow when it was -13°C, and I can vividly remember building snowmen on my dad's birthday on March 2nd in 2005. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed. In style.

Because I'm a doofus and can't math, I ended up with a shitload of the blue yarn from my mum's mittens left over. Because you don't need 2 balls of contrast yarn when you're only using it for a motif. Who knew?! I contemplated making a hat with it, but I decided against it, my mother's not really a hat-wearing person anyway.

I had enough purple left over to add some fun dashes of colour (and they look like tiny tiny hearts, d'awww), but because I didn't know how much yarn I would use up for the mittens, I made them a little shorter than I would have liked. They are nice and warm, though. And I got to knit these in the round, also a plus, because, like almost any knitter I know, I hate purling...

So here's to you, 2014! I'm waving you hello with my toasty toasty hands!

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  1. Aww they both look amazing. Well done for finishing them despite your busy Christmas.