31 May 2010

Caged in

GAH, I've been so uninspired these past few weeks, it's driving me insane! The nice weather we had last week was nice, but we're once again back to dreary, wet, annoyingly gloomy, which also isn't helping.. And then there's this:

As if I needed more restricting bars in my life. Now they've even taken away my view. Stupid construction workers.

My thesis? Going nowhere. Very disappointed in my supervisor. He's not emailing me back. I've been thoroughly slacking in the secondary lit department too, since I neglected to go and pick up the books I ordered from the library. I'm lost at the moment, trying to figure out what the hell my thesis should be about anyway... One of those days, indeed.

My health? Down the drain... I'm trying to eat healthier, excercise, get fresh air, you know, the works.. And I seem to feel worse every day. Might have something to do with the previous point. And a lack of sleep.

My house? A mess. No, seriously. You should see my desk. In fact, I'll show you a sneak peek.

See? Like something ate a whole lot of paperwork and went SPLLOOOOIEEEE all over my desk. (Yep, that's my breakfast. I had nothing else to drink...)

My crochet-work? Has been a bit meh. I've made a number of those hexagons, and this.

Not my best work. But this is more of a prototype anyway, I think I might try this again with some pretty beads. The concept is so simple, there must be something nice I can do with it to make it actually wearable. And yes, indeedy, that's indeed the same cotton yarn I used for the hexagons. That's how I roll.. I think of stuff to do, keep some yarn near by, and go for it. And then return to the previous project to find out that my outbursts of sudden crocheting has cost me so much yarn that I can't finish that project.

My cooking? I've been on a bread-making groove these past few weeks. Results have varied, but last week I made my best work so far: yummie homemade focaccia bread! Here's how my dinner that night looked:

(my sincerest apologies for the fuzzy picture. I was hungry.)

I made cajun chicken (simply take some chicken breasts, pound 'em up a bit so they're nice and flat-ish and easy to cook up, and put a hell of a lot of cajun spices all over 'em. Really lay it on. It's heavenly. Really.), cut it up in little strips, then put pesto, chicken, tomato, basil leaves and mozarella on the baked focaccia and put them back in the oven for 3 minutes, while eating the last bits of chicken that didn't fit on the two loaves anymore. Awesome. Divine. Making me hungry just thinking of it. Might try it next time with some baby spinach or lettuce after it comes out of the oven the second time, for a green touch. And I need to find a way to make my herbs and salt stick on top of the loaves better, it kept falling right off when we cut open the loaves (or, when the boyfriend cut open the loaves while I stood by watching. Those things were hot.)

So yeah. Now you know what I've been up to since the last post. Now if you'll excuse me, I think that's a mountain of laundry I hear calling my name. *sigh*

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