18 June 2010

Class of 2010 get-together

I survived the Class of 2010 get-together and all I got was a tummy ache from eating too much and laughing too much and sore feet from walking back to the train station! Booh!

Kidding. My teacher decided it would be fun to get together with the entire English class of 2010 group from my Master so he invited us all over to his house to have drinks and food and a good time together, American party-type style: he was in charge of drinks, we would bring the food. Naturally, the table was loaded to the brim with all sorts of food and deliciousness (what would you expect with a group 0f 22 students where 18 of them are girls?). My/Our contribution? Besides savory cupcakes with pesto frosting and exceptionally ugly cakeballs (we learned, among other things, that when your candy melts look like the substance is too thick, you should not add milk to it to make it thinner. Also, we learned that when making buttercream, you should not, under any circumstance, melt the butter.), we made what turned out to be the dessert:

The Class of 2010 cake! With clever references to silly stuff we discussed in class this year! Well, just Twilight (a fanged smiley with sparkly yellow-coloured sugar and an apple) and Bill Bryson (a skunk with the line 'Ah, Summer!', the title from one of our assignments), because we ran out of room and couldn't fit an entire Sudoku puzzle on it anymore.

This was my first time trying to cover an entire cake with fondant, which was hell to roll out properly and not have it stuck to the counter, but it was fun making it. The cake itself was a white chocolate, raspberry, pecan cake and it was really tasty.

And the kitchen? Looking like a supermarket just exploded right onto the counter top. I wanted to make a picture, but I couldn't fit all of the mayhem in one shot, so I didn't. I'll leave it up to your imagination.

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