8 June 2010

Tecrin tries.. Knitting!

You didn't believe me, did you? Well, pah, I bring you proof! Four fuzzy rows of knit stitch after knit stitch!

I was bored yesterday, so I took out my trusty 'Knitting for Dummies', opened its barely-touched-pages, cast on, and started to knit. Row 1 took me AAAAAAGES. All afternoon, almost. (although I must add, this was with long intervals in which I pretended to study.) Then row 2 went slightly quicker. I at one point even made some clicking noises with my needles while trying to keep up the pace and nearly squee-ed with happiness. I clicked! My needles! OOOO!
Row 3 was dropped halfway through the row because I was needed for some heroics in WoW (Been levelling a paladin, more on that after this), and then picked up again this morning, and row 4.. I just finished. Look ma, I'm knitting! I'm thinking of simply ploughing on with this until I know how to do this properly, and make a little pouch from the fabric I made so it'll not go to waste.
I still have no idea what kind of yarn this stuff is, though, but it's terribly fuzzy and making my cheeks itch when I work with it. But that may also just be my hair hanging in the way. I need a haircut. Bad.

Right, so, some WoW-related news too: I levelled a paladin, she's called Nyxi and has been my go-to toon for the last few weeks now. She's a tankahealadin, meaning (for you non-WoWers out there) that she's both a tank (taking the hits from a mob) and a healer (making sure whoever is taking hits from a mob isn't getting killed) and so far, I like both, I'm even not sure which one I like better. I mean, tanking is fun! You get to control the pace, you have to make sure that everyone, including the mobs you want to kill, know that you are in control of the whole thing, and make sure that whenever someone taunts a mob off you, you pull it straight back. But healing is also awesome! You literally have another player's life in your hands, it's all up to you. It took me a while to get the whole healing thing right, because the addon I installed refused to work. (healbot, for those interested. I heard it's great, and it worked for one evening, but it's just not doing anything anymore...) So, with the help of some of my wonderful guildies, I made some mouse-over macro's, and with the help of my trusty Naga, I improved my healing quite a bit. Awesome.
Also, guild-related: Vintage downed Sindragosa last week and moved on to the Lich King. Hopefully we'll get him down tonight, so we can start on hardmodes. Also, we've decided to start on getting Ulduar done (we never got all the way up to Yogg. I know.) and I'm hoping to coax my guildies into finishing Trial of the Champions heroic too.

In other news, remember how I was all excited to start growing my own veggies and herbs on one of my balconies? And how stuff (literally, balconies full of stuff) got in the way and how I didn't go trough with it? No? Well, now you do.

I was a bit miffed, to say the least, that I had to postpone my plans to next year or something, but was so excited when I found this at my supermarket:

It's a baggie of grow-your-own basil! Comes with a little packet of seeds, and the paper bag you see here filled with dirt, and you just throw in the seeds, and give it a little water every day, and bam! fresh, homegrown basil, right there in my kitchen window! It makes me happy just looking at it!

In other, other news, after complaining about the stupid scaffolding ruining my view, they started taking it down yesterday. Yay! My view is back to pretty! Here's the view from my study window.

Waving, green, sea of trees.. Hmm... Niiiice...

Anyway, that is all.


  1. Alright, you are pretty much my new favorite knitting friend. LOL I'm an old EQ'er and now I'm on my lotro more, though not as often as I used to play by FAR. I had an Inquisitor who WANTED to be a tankahealadin but had no taunts... or even damage spells, really. LOL

    Keep at the knitting! You'll get faster and it'll be SO MUCH FUN! Has anyone introduced you to knittinghelp.com? It was my go to resource for every knitting pattern translation that I needed for the first year of my knitting (which was well... last year. lol) "What's SSK?? Look it up on knittinghelp.com!" hehe

    Good luck! IF you ever need any help, just shoot me an email. :) Geeky MMO Knitters unite! hehe

  2. AAAGH! I need to fix my update-thingy, I'm not getting any emails for comments anymore! Yay, fellow MMO-er! I haven't tried LOTRO, tbh, I might when they go free. I'm pretty much a WoW-only girl ;)

    I have in fact not been introduced to that site, going to check it out now! And really? You've only been knitting for a year?! That's giving me hope right there, at the moment pretty much all I've done is what you see on those needles there. Hence the switch back to crochet I made this weekend :P Thanks for the help-offer, I might keep you up on that, but for now, I'll go check out that website! Thanks, fellow geek!