16 July 2010

Done redecorating


What? I think I have earned a little sigh of relief. We're done. The bathroom is DONE. And looking spiffy! Want to see? A little before-after action for you? Well, I'm happy to oblige. Of course, The 'before' pic was shot when we were already working on the bathroom... But just imagine I was totally prepared for a blogpost about my bathroom-remodeling and made this well in advance.

See? Here's old. Ugly tiles on the walls, I have no idea what the previous owners were thinking with that green tiled thing there but we're guessing they tried to hide the pipes that run behind it. And speaking of pipes. How's that for vomit-inducing green? It's heinous! Awful! Terrible! The work of a colourblind person, obviously! And see those walls? Chipped-off paint, all types of mold and moisture-spots.. Ewewewew.

Muuuuch better. Be gone, terrible green paint! Be gone, awfully disgusting walls! Be gone, tiles that made the bathroom look filthy and dark! And Hellooooo, pretty new cabinet and mirror and showercurtain and pretty black pipes. (and purely decorative candles, welcome to you too.) But wait! There's more!

Another cabinet! Yay! Storage space! And (although you can't really see it from this angle and I can't be bothered to take another pic now) yay! Black radiator! Pretty! And see the shadows in both shots? We got a new lamp too, and when I took a shower before I noticed it threw the most amazing shadows on the walls. Made everything pretty.

So yeah, I'm thrilled that we're finally done with the whole thing. And let's just not talk about the mess in the rest of the house right now, shall we?

Oh, and just to show that I've not completely been neglecting my crocheting:

I started out with the pattern for the Magnificent Mantle like I said before, but when I got to the point where I was supposed to start adding the interesting elements to the shawl, it made no sense to me anymore. I decided to just wing it from that point and made the mesh-section, followed by rows of dc and skips to make a different type of mesh. It's still not big enough though, and this is with two balls of yarn in already. I'm going to do another (smaller) mesh section, and then see how big it is and decide how I am going to finish it off. But so far, I'm enjoying myself immensely with it!

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