25 July 2010

Ready for takeoff

My project is ready for takeoff! I ordered 14 different colours of yarn on Friday, and lo and behold, the package was already here on Saturday! So quick! And I knew when I ordered them that the colours would be even brighter and more sunny than in the eyedropper-tool-crappy-photoshop-pic I posted before. See?

I think I am going to keep the colours in this order. Nothing like a bright, sunny rainbowbag to cheer up one's day, right? I'll go and scout the market on a Saturday soon to find the perfect fabric to line it with, but for now, let the hooking begin!

In order to show the boyfriend that I am not only about buying yarn but also about actually using some of it up, I made this:

That is indeed what you think it is. Unless you thought it was a turd on my finger, then I'm afraid I have to disappoint you. But if you thought it was a fingerstache, then yes! You're right! I've gone and made 2 as little gifts for my sister and her friend, inspired by a moment of perfect ridiculosity where the two were walking around a crowded shopping mall pulling faces and holding up their fingers as mustaches. Like this.

Monkeys. I love 'em, really. But they're a bunch of monkeys. In desparate need of furry finger-to-face adornment.


  1. Look at all that yarrrrrn!

    Love the header!

  2. Thanks! I finally had a burst of inspiration yesterday and got rid of the ugly blue placeholder. Glad you like it!

    And doesn't all that yarn just cheer you up? It does to me, every time I see the picture or scroll past it!