5 December 2010

Snow day

Apologies for being MIA on my little blog, I've been busy. Admiring the snow, that is! Like most of Europe, we've had some amazing snowfall these past few days and because I'm one of the people lucky enough to live at walking distance of work, I could really enjoy it. It all started early this week, when on Tuesday, I found the first evidence of snow on my balconies!

Oh, that poor little plant! I think it's thyme, but whatever it is, it's sturdier than a rock because it survived so much already and it's still going strong. But now, it's covered in this powdery layer of ice!
Kind of like...

These little plants that won't survive a lot more, I'm afraid (I really am terrible with plants, aren't I!?). Covered in a thicker layer of snow already, look at us, having an actual winter, how awesome!

And then.. today..

Snow coming up past my ankle! Powdery goodness covering my balconies, my street, my town, everything! Icy malice, shutting down roads and delaying trains! I love it! Let the whole world come to a full stop and enjoy the cold for a while, no harm in that! Let's all make snowmen and have snowballfights and then warm up with a cup of hot coco and soft, fuzzy slippers.

Alas, it wasn't meant to be, as I had to go to work today anyway.. And as I write this, the rain is coming down already, messing with my beautiful fairy tale world. Booh.

Cold also means that I am once again on the lookout for the perfect winter hat. I have the perfect yarn already, gifted to me in my swap parcel, but all patterns I have found so far either come out with the wearer looking like a conehead or like a ginormous idiot. I love the idea of a Koolhaas but my knitting isn't that good yet. I did find a crochet version which looks good but it asks for a lot more yarn than I have...
Therefore I ask you, dearest reader: any suggestions for the perfect hat? I have about 170 m. of *googles* Aran-weight yarn (I am still not used to those weights!) and would love a hat with something interesting. What are your favourite patterns? Do you have a hat you made that you love? Let me know!


  1. The snow was great wasn't it? I love it too! I cycled through the snow with a lot of presents saturday but I don't care, I love the absolute whiteness and the clean glow snow gives the land.

    Nice pattern! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hehe, yep, I had to work and got sent home 2 hours early because the town centre was just deserted! There were more employees in my little bookshop than customers!