24 November 2010

My swap package has arrived!

Yay! Yay! Yayyayyayyay! After a loooooong wait (partly because she sent it out later because she wanted to add something really cool which I really didn't mind, partly because it took 2 weeks to get from Scotland to Holland, which I wasn't expecting at all) my package finally arrived yesterday!

(apologies for the box, I couldn't wait to get it open, and then I couldn't get it open..)
All neatly wrapped in blue tissue paper, with a lovely little card stuck in the middle, which I opened first of course. Then the tissue paper came off so quick I forgot to snap pictures, then I ooo'd and aaaa'd and cuddled and laughed and had a happy smile on my face as I ran out the door because I was horribly late for work.

Thankfully I had some more time this morning. Here's the whole bunch!
Chocolate, more chocolate (I had a hard time keeping the BF off that bar of Cadbury chocolate), gorgeous yarn (the purple one is merino, the blue and yellow a wool/angora mix. soooooo... sooooooft.... caaaaan't... stooopp... cudddddling.....), some stitch markers which are equally awesome, but not as Awesome as the doll to the far right. I have named him Angus, for he looks like an Angus, and is awesome, therefore he is Awesome Angus.

He rocks.

Some close-ups of the loot:
Gorgeous stitch markers! I don't know how you did it, Shirley, because I have been musing over making my own or buying some stitch markers sometime soon for a little while now, but I don't think I ever posted about that!

Gorgeous yarn! All those little colourchanges and specs of blue and purple and pink.. Love it! No idea what I am going to make with it, but it's soooo sooooft, and soooo pretty, it needs to be turned into something really cool.

And look! More gorgeous yarn! I got two blue balls (teehee) and one yellow skein, and I think the blue yarn is going to be a hat or beret or something to keep my ears warm this winter, because it is so soft and cuddly and mostly wool so really warm too! The yellow one will join the purple yarn in my 'this is so pretty, it needs to be kept for a special project' pile. Which consists of the purple yarn, the yellow yarn, and 2 balls of sock yarn I once bought and still haven't decided on what they should be used for.

And there he is. Awesome Angus! I think he had his arm twisted a bit while travelling from Scotland to Holland so he is currently enjoying some recovery time in the living room, but he will be getting a really good spot in the study, where he shall be cheering me up all day long. It's a heavy task, but I think he's up for it.

Yeah. He'll manage.

Thank you so much for the wonderful goodies, Shirley!

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  1. WHAT a fun swap! You got lots of goodies... I personally love Dairy Milk (and the Fruit & Nut), and would have had a hard time leaving that behind to go to work. Love all your squishy yarn and Angus, too. He's quasi-Muppety. Too much fun!