11 November 2010

Cold weather makes me do things

Bad things. Evil things. Things that may very well destroy me.
Like making fingerless gloves and starting on a hat, even though I told myself not to do it.

It's the cold, I tell you. It makes me do things. And makes me think of bad things. I was walking to the shops today, on my way to get groceries, and I suddenly just found myself inside this little kitchenware shop, staring at Le Creuset oven dishes and 75 euro garlic presses. All of a sudden, all grocery shopping forgotten, I was daydreaming of a kitchen filled with Le Creuset pans and pots and dishes and... Then I realised that the small bowl I was holding was a 25 euro bowl that could fit in my palm and that I in no way was paying that much for that little, and I hurried out the door and got on with shopping. (without the bowl in my hand, of course. Thought I'd just point that out.)

I'm going to make a giant lasagna now, that'll help me get warm again. But not without leaving you with this picture of what our parking lot looked like last week. Not anymore, with those heavy winds. Good thing we still have the pictures.


  1. But making things feels so right! Lovin the new projects. The colors are fab.

  2. I have a couple of Le Creuset and they are a pain. They don't go in the dishwasher and nobody ever wants to wash it and it's always left for me!