18 November 2010

The blue monster returns

Remember this one?

The thing that wouldn't stop looking like a piece of underwear?

I grew tired of it. It was living in a plastic ziploc baggie in my project bag (the giant mesh-marketbag that's hanging from my doorknob, the one with all the needles and yarn sticking out of it because it's overloaded), it got in the way, it was not happy and neither was I. See, every time I took it out of its plastic habitat, I looked at it, and lost all interest. It was wobbly, wouldn't lie flat no matter how I pulled and pushed, and it felt like I had been working on it for AAAAAGES and it still wasn't big enough from tip to tip to be wrapped comfortably around my neck, while the bottom tip was already hanging down my tummy in the front. It was stupid. Looked like a meshy bib. (see what I did there?)


No, don't worry, I haven't ripped it yet. I'm working my way up to that, but I want to see where the balls of blue cotton I still have will take me. This is seven rows into the Elise shawl (rav pattern). The pattern itself calls for sock-weight yarn and a 5.5 mm hook, but I'm stubborn and use my 3 mm hook on.. eh.. thin yarn (is this sock-weight? I don't know!) because it want it to be less open.

So far, I quite like it. It's a pretty and pretty easy pattern, and basically consists of a 2 row repeat, so hard to mess up. (but, well, you know, not for me, obviously, since I already had to rip out a row because I got started on the wrong row. 50% chance of messing up, trust me to pick the wrong option.)

I'm curious how this one turns out when it's larger than 7 rows, so I'll keep you posted.


  1. Good for you! Don't be afraid to FROG that bad-boy if you're really not loving it anymore. I have had to do that... and it stinks, but mainly (for me) because I've spent so much time on whatever it was. I don't regret the frogging, just the not-finishing it while I was still in love. At least then I could give it away or something, if I fell out of love.

  2. The thing I dread most is the point where I knotted in the new ball of yarn, I foresee a lot of swearing and throwing yarn around there. But yep, it sucks :) I'm still relatively new to crochet, and the shawl was my biggest project so far, so so far all the frogging I had to do was bits and pieces of amigurumi or hats.
    Guess there's a first time for everything, right? ;)