18 April 2011

Little Green Bag

All done! Thanks for the advice on my last post! I decided to do a bit of light blocking to see how that would turn out and it was almost completely flat when I took it off the towel the next day, so I sewed it up and attached the clasp and strap and....

Voilá! All done! It was fun to make, taught me how to decrease, made me realise that I might have to take another look at how to do the first and last stitches on a row because they all seemed very loose compared to the rest, but hey, I finished my first knitting project!

It's an adorable little knitting kit, too. The bag itself is, of course, tiny, and then there's these good luck charms that came with it which I tied to the strap on both sides of the bag. The strap itself is a really long braid. It's been ages (AGES I say) since I last braided something that long and it brought back all these childhood memories of tying string to the school gate during recess and making braids that were sometimes 5 metres long.... This one was only 2, I think. All in all, it's exceptionally cute!

And little. Have I mentioned that? It's almost Mini-Me sized! So it's no wonder I decided to call it 'Little Green Bag'. Hope you all enjoy having that song in your head for the rest of the day as well!


  1. Most people's first and last stitches are looser than the rest. It's why some patterns suggest you slip the first stitch of every row, which tightens everything up, especially if that edge is going to be on show. If it's going to be stitched up, then there's no problem, it will just disappear into the seam.

    Very cute bag by the way!

  2. your little green bag is cute..but the little mini you is cuter..love it..have a great day

  3. There is nothing about this post that didn't make me smile!

  4. That's your first knitting?! It looks great!