1 April 2011

Day five: And now for something completely different...

experimental blogging day to try and push your creativity in blogging to the same level that you perhaps push your creativity in the items you create. There are no rules of a topic to blog about (though some suggestions are given below) but this post should look at a different way to present content on your blog.

Mini-Me has an Adventure

It was a dreadfully grey and boring day, and Mini-Me was staring out the window to the dull clouds and waving treetops beyond the edge of the balcony. "I'm bored," she declared. "There's absolutely nothing for me to do today and I am so incredibly bored!"
Her good friend, Mister Bell Pepperplant, rustled his leaves gently and said: "Well, then you should think of something to do. Something you have never done before. Something you have always wanted to do."

Mini-Me thought long and hard, but she was still at a loss. Then she spotted something from the corner of her eye: knitting needles, and a ball of bright green wool, were lying on the couch just below her.

"By Jove!" She said, and jumped up from the edge of the couch so quickly she nearly knocked Mister Bell Pepperplant over. "That's it! Knitting!"
Mister Bell Pepperplant nodded approvingly. "That's a great idea, Mini-Me!"
Mini-Me slid down the couch cushion, grabbed needles and wool and sat down. "I can do this, I see her doing it all the time! Stick it in, wrap it around, pull it through, next stitch!"

After a few missteps, Mini-Me got the hang of it and knitted away, cheered on by Mister Bell Pepperplant. But the needles were too large for her, and after only a few rows, she sighed in frustration.

"This is stupid!" She yelled, and threw the needles and yarn far away from her, which, because Mini-Me was only a little doll, was not very far at all. Mini-Me crossed her arms and grumbled in frustration. "Mister Bell Pepperplant!" She whined. "It's not working, I'm bored again and hungry too!"
Mister Bell Pepperplant smiled to himself. "Well?" He said. "Can't you think of something that would fix your hunger and cure your boredom?"
"Of course!" She exclaimed. "Mister Bell Pepperplant, you really are a smart cookie!"

Mini-Me scurried to the kitchen, climbed up the counter and rummaged around in the cupboards until she found everything she needed: she measured out the butter, sugar and flour...

Added eggs and vanilla...

And stirred until her arms felt like they would come off. Then she divided the dough on the cookie sheet and baked until they were golden brown.

"Ah," she sighed, after all the hard work was done. "Now that was an adventure. And I even got some treasure!" And she took a large bite of her cookie.


  1. Your mini me is great and I love your post

  2. So cute! I love your mini me. She has great hair!

  3. I love it! And I think I might need a Mini-me....

  4. I love your mini me and your post is brilliant!

  5. I love how she is stirring and mixing! holding it like an oar.. loved seeing her knit too..

  6. She is too cute! I love the photo of her knitting. Squee!

  7. I wondered if this was where mini me was heading. BEST planning ever!!!

  8. Excellent post! I wish inanimate objects in MY house would make cookies lol.

  9. Mini-Me totally deserved a cookie, or two! This was very cute.

  10. Now I want to put down my knitting and go make cookies lol

  11. What a neat story to create. Awesome post today.

  12. I really loved this! Thanks for such a great post. Do you mind me asking how you made those glasses? My girls wanted me to make a pair for a snowman today.

  13. Mini-you is very clever at picking up various skillz!

  14. Thanks all! I had way too much fun making those pictures (the knitting one is my favourite too) so I'm glad you all liked it :D

    @pumpkin pie baby: I hope you read this as I have no other way to contact you, but I made them using wire and then wound the blue yarn around it really tightly and tied it off at the ends. I used the ends to tie the glasses to the head (the knot goes around the head and is hidden by the hair) and pushed the ends of the wire at an angle into her head so it would stay put. I think you can use the same method for a snowman. I winged it and got this one out of my first try, so it's really simple :)

  15. This post was my favorite one from day 5. Great pictures and story line. I love the picture of her frustrated and with her arms crossed.