31 March 2011

Day four: Where are they now?

Day four already! This week is flying by and it's still interesting to read all those topics!

Oh, and it might please all of you who encouraged me to pick up a knitting project to know that I got my yarn and needles out yesterday and started on that knitting kit from the last photo in yesterday's post.


Whatever happened to your __________?

Write about the fate of a past knitting project.

I decided to dedicate today's post to one of the projects I have been most pleased about in the past year that was given to a very special lady for her birthday.

The grannies for my granny-pillow.
This project started as so many of my projects do: as a distraction from home/housework. I started crocheting granny squares until I had a big pile of the things and had to decide what to do with them.

Apart from sewing in the ends, of course.

So I decided to turn it into a pillow case. I tried making one big granny for the back at first, but I ran out of yarn and ended up using an old sweater for the back.

Then my mother asked if I was coming to my grandmother's birthday. I decided on the spot to give the pillow to my grandmother because I was certain she would love it.

(here it is, pinned out to block on a towel, before I realised it wasn't big enough and had to add two rounds to make it fit)

I went over to her house to celebrate her birthday and she was very surprised to see me, since my mother forgot to call ahead to tell her we were coming too. She was even more surprised when I gave her the present! Being the experienced knitter and crocheter that she is, she immediately inspected the thing thoroughly and then told me very proudly that she couldn't find a single flaw in my stitches.

It didn't leave her side that whole day. Due to unforseen circumstances, my parents arrived over an hour after we left, but according to my mother, she was still showing the pillow to everyone while proudly declaring that I had made that for her.

We call eachother every once in a while, and she still gives me updates on the pillow. How, for instance, the cat once jumped on it when she wasn't looking and got a claw caught in a few stitches and almost pulled a hole in it, and how since then, she turns the pillow over whenever she leaves the room. It's one of her most treasured possessions, according to my mother. And that makes me happy.


  1. That is so lovely. Often we don't know how the gifts we give are actually used. I never know if anyone is just being polite when they get my gifts, so it is always lovely when I see them wearing them "in the wild" so to speak!

  2. Thanks for the lovely story. The pillow case looks cheerful and happy and it went to the right person as a gift.

  3. Decided to read one more blog post before I have to get on, glad I did it was a fab post.

    Beautiful cushion.

    I made socks for a friend who knits brilliant things but not socks! and she examined them very well, my heart stopped. She did ask for another pair though, which I did. x

  4. That's brilliant - she's very Knitworthy :)