25 March 2011

Sometimes, I just need distractions

I am starting to panic a bit, only a week before the deadline for my thesis and I'm beginning to worry about, well, everything. Whether I'm doing it right, whether I've done enough, whether it's not too much... And since my nature is to avoid those situations or push them away when I'm getting too stressed out to think straight, I chose to run away from my worries with a tiny project yesterday. Sometimes, I just need distractions.

My sister came over and spent the night Wednesday and, naturally, forgot something when she left for work Thursday morning: her arm warmers.

I'll try not to comment on the print, and will stick to the torn-down look of the things... 'That poor girl,' I thought, 'those things won't keep you warm! You're better off wrapping your arms in old newspapers! Only that wouldn't be as practical, because newspapers won't stay up properly.'

My mind wanders so easily.

Anyway, after a brief foray into designing a clothing line made out of old newspapers in my head, including a very uncomfortable-looking set of underwear (like I said, my mind wanders very easily) I decided that she deserved nice, toasty arms, and made her a new pair.

They're really simple, back-loop only dc's for 15 rows and stitched up while leaving a hole for the thumb, armwarmers with a cute little ribbon to adorn them with. And yes, that ribbon is fraying like whoa. They're also just weaved in and out between stitches so she can take them out if she wants (and, knowing my sister, she will). She was happy, I was distracted for a couple of hours, everybody wins!

Well, except my thesis, of course.


  1. Sometimes letting go of the crazy helps you focus much harder when you come back.

  2. Taking a break can be just what helps you focus. I hope all goes well!

  3. These are so cute! And I definitely agree that taking a break can be the best thing to give you enough mental power to focus again. Good luck on your thesis submittal!

    - Lina

  4. The arm warmers are really cute! As for the thesis, just remind yourself that a) it's just a stepping stone to something else, not a lifelong project and b) you know more about your topic than anyone else, including the members of your committee. Good luck!

  5. that's so sweet of you to make those for your rock chick sista!

    best of luck with your thesis x