8 March 2011


Spring's knocking on the door and this week so far has been lovely and sunny and well, that always gives me the green-itch! My fingers turn green (and I don't mean from food colouring like last weekend), I can be found cuddling vegetables and talking to plants and pots... Usually, it doesn't stick too long and I can suppress the urges well enough to not be sent to the nuthouse. But I figured it was time for a bit of a picture-heavy green post anyway.


My little ones, peeking their heads out of the soil! I don't know about you, but I sort of squee'ed when I saw the first green sprig peeking out. Mainly because it meant that for once, I managed to keep something alive beyond the first days of hoping and wishing.

And I like to think it's because this came in such an adorable little pot.

Tomatoes! And not just tomatoes, but cute tomatoes! Awww....

His little buddy that's hiding in the back there is equally cute.

For the Dutch-impaired, it says 'Grow your own Bell Peppers!' and 'Colour me and grow me!' down there at the bottom. I haven't gotten round to colouring the thing, as you can clearly see. This one's a special little plant, because the package had been standing in my window sill for at least 4 weeks and nothing was happening. It wasn't until I got the tomato plant that I decided to throw it out because until then, it hadn't shown any signs of life. I had given up watering the thing three days before, and the soil was bone-dry, but when I picked it up and peeked inside, I saw this tiny little green bud poking its head out of the dirt! It's only one little plant, but I'm taking good care of it and hopefully, one day, it'll grow into this big bad boy that will give me lots of tasty bell peppers. One can hope, right?

The last green thing that has been demanding a lot of attention in the house is my tree. Remember him, the one I got for my birthday last year? Well, I hope he'll make it past the one-year-mark...

My baby's got a bald spot! He keeps dropping leaves! I don't get it, I'm watering him every other day, yet the last two weeks have been nothing but dead leaves and dry soil. Colour me confused.

Anyone have any suggestions how I can nurse it back to health?

Although I must add, I don't think he's dying. Not yet, anyway. All along the green branches, I've been spotting little sprigs and buds, like this one:

So hopefully, this is just a phase, or something. Maybe, my little tree's just hitting puberty.

*sob* they grow up so fast, don't they?


  1. Yay for greens, I can't wait for Spring!

  2. It is the time of the year when green represents hope. :-) It is always a thrill to see the little seedlings pop through the dirt.