17 March 2011

Presenting... Mini-me!

Look at that, looking smart! Mini-me, the project that has been keeping me from my studies (okay, don't lie, one of the many projects that have been keeping me from my studies) is finally done! Standing a whole 30 centimeters tall, this feisty red thing is ready to get to work as my mascotte!

Work it, girl!

Okay, so, she's more of a caricature than an accurate representation of moi, but I think that's better for all parties involved anyway. She's got my red hair, my bright blue glasses, and my favourite outfit: just jeans, a cardi, and easy shoes!

It was fun to make, although I see a lot of mistakes and things that could have gone better had I worked out my plan before just plunging in with my hook raised, like the proportions of the legs and arms, or the body for that matter, and the attachment of limbs and head. Her arms can rotate now thanks to a nifty construction involving wire and spare buttons, but since I'm terrible with wire and wire-cutters, I ended up with scratches, cuts and, at one point, a piece of wire stuck in my finger. Now that I know this works, though, I can work around it, in stead of trying to add it to an almost-complete doll.

It was a nice experience to not work from any pattern and simply try to work it out by myself. I just need to remember that next time I do this, I need to make notes... Oh well, it's a learning curve, as they say.

Now all that's left is make my new website!


  1. So cute, I especially love the glasses!

  2. Choo choo! It's the comment train. Your dolly is way too cute. I remember once coming across an amigurumi doll pattern generator. Worth checking out to see what sort of proportions it recommends.

    -Vanessa @ mixedmartialartsandcrafts.com

  3. I think its the glasses. they are so you! :-)