28 February 2011

Mini-me nears completion!

Project Mini-me is nearing completion! And I have to say, for an improvised crochet doll, she's turning out quite awesome! I'll give you a little sneak peak.

That's all you're getting for now. I know, I'm such a tease! It is the part I'm most proud of, so there. I love my little glasses. Wish my own glasses were this awesome. Well, they are, kinda, but not this awesome.

Oh well. At least mine stay on my nose without being jammed into my skull with their pointy ends at a 90 degree angle.

She's almost done, though. Just have to sew her together. And maybe make a neck, although I kinda like her being a bit dumpy. But I'm afraid Mini-me will have to wait until at least next week for that, since this week will be all about cooking and baking and food-preparation and partying and.. Yep, my dad's birthday is coming up. This wednesday, in fact. And he's turning 60! So it's time for a celebration! Naturally, this means we will be in need of loads and loads of food, so me and my sis-in-law have taken up the HUUUUGE task of preparing snacks. I'm making cookies, bread sticks, guacamole, pico de gallo, savoury zucchini cookies with tzatziki dip, wraprollthingamajiggies with salmon and a quiche on top of which I'll make a '60!' with bacon and ham. That's right, bacon for his birthday. He's one lucky man.

Thesis-wise, I've met with my supervisor and we've decided to change the angle slightly, but it's given me a boost of confidence to have spoken with him and to know what to do now. I was so stuck, it was cry-worthy. One thing that surprised me was that I was still excited about my subject when we were talking, so in spite of it all, I'm still confident I picked the right subject! Go me!
I've got a deadline now, so I'm afraid I won't be posting too much (or at least until the week before, since my deadline is in the Knitting and Crochet Blog Week) but I'll try to pop in every now and then to verify that I'm still breathing. If I'm not back before April, please notify the authorities. Thanks!


  1. I made a little 'eeeeeeeeee' noise at this picture- so cute!

  2. Adorable!

    Good luck with the thesis and your dad's party! I'm sure the first will turn out well and the second will be a blast. :)