7 February 2011

A splash of colour

To brighten up the room!

I went shopping last weekend with my mother and came across the weekend market. Normally, I'm not the market-going type of gal, simply because I live inches away from a supermarket that has a big range of products, but for things like fresh flowers and nuts, I love going to a local market.

These babies were begging to be brought home with me. 30 for 5 bucks, that's not bad, isn't it? So I filled up two vases with a lovely collection of colourful tulips.

Another thing I brought home with me, along with several baggies of dried fruit and nuts (most of which was gone before the weekend was over), was a little bag of sesame seeds. I never would have thought it, but those buggers are hard to come by in my little town! Luckily, we found a stand that had a giant bucket of them and I brought home enough to fill half a jam jar with them. Why, you ask? Well, let me show you!



Hamburger buns! Really big ones too! I made them from this recipe and let me tell you, they were delicious! Mine ended up darker than the ones in the recipe pictures and for a moment I was afraid that I messed up again and ended up with hard buns, but they were pillowy and soft and really tasty. We toasted them before building our burgers, which were store-bought jalapeƱo burgers (and really tasty too), and while I normally can eat two burgers for dinner, these big boys made me feel stuffed after just 1.5. We ended up with leftover buns which I had for breakfast. They taste equally good with jam.

I have also been crocheting a bit, and built myself a little crochet hideout last friday.

As you can see, I was surrounded by yarn, pillows, and project bags with the Hordelogo on it. Hells yes. But what was I working on? Well..

Big, giant granny squares. I made four big ones in total, which will be separated by little ones, and sewn to the other GIANT, BIG, HUGE granny square you can see in the picture above. I know, it will be random, and it's a hotchpotch of colours and yarns, but it will be one cozy, cheerful pillow when I'm done! Making granny squares is really relaxing, too, since it's just the same pattern over and over again. Which does not mean that I don't make mistakes, especially when I'm watching tv at the same time... You wouldn't believe the number of times I had to rip out half a colour because I managed to add a fourth dc to a cluster somewhere, or only did one chain between the two corner clusters...

I hope I will be able to finish it with the colours I have on hand, this is still leftover from my mother's bag. Or should I hope that I run out before the end? Any excuse to buy new yarn is a good excuse, right?

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  1. $5 for 30 tulips??? That's a total steal! Especially when they're that pretty. :)

    Your hamburger buns look oh-so-yummy. I think I will try that recipe sometime.

    And the granny squares will make a really cheerful pillow! Which all pillows should be. :)