16 February 2011

I'm on a mission

How's that for random, huh? But it's true! I'm on a mission. A special mission. Above is a digital 'sketch'. Looks familiar? Yup.. Well, not 'yup' yet, since I still have to dye my hair bright (and I mean BRIGHT) red again, but it's supposed to be me!

But then, what is this mission?! Well, it's not to dye my hair red again. That's just a given, I only need to find time to do it. No, my mission is caused directly by one of the BF's coworkers. See, since I'm almost graduated from Uni and getting ready to dip my toes into the big pool that is freelance translation, I needed something like a website. When that was done, Mr. Creative Coworker (and I know you're reading this, so consider this the official christening of your new nickname :P) complained that it was too plain. Which, I'll admit, it was: it was white, gray, and the only colour came from the rather plain header. One brainstorm session later, and he got me hooked (pun totally intended) on the idea to make a crochet version of.. me!

It's more difficult that I thought, mainly because I have no idea what I want exactly. I am kind of liking the idea of having my two main facial features, my bright blue glasses and my bright red hair, to be my only facial features, but I'm also toying with the idea of adding a cute little felt mouth or something.

The idea was intriguing enough for me to dive into my nasty acrylics-stash and see if I had anything skin-coloured and bright red and bright blue to start on a head, but the first attempt was dramatic.

The 'head' was large enough to fit my fist, which is definitely too large to make a good mascot I can also use to photoshop with, adding the 'hair' is already giving me traumas and I'm not even past my fringe yet, and the scratchy, fluffy acrylic is HORRIBLE looking in person. Therefore, I'm abandoning this prototype and going to visit my LYS tomorrow for some yarn that doesn't look like it's 20 years old and ready to crumble at the lightest touch.

I'm on a mission. And it's far from over.


  1. interesting! I can't wait to see how it turns out. WAY cool. And who knows... it may kinda look like m too. hehe

  2. Enjoyed reading again! Can't wait to see the end result!

  3. Very cool! Looking forward to seeing your mini me. :)