26 May 2011

A busy weekend

I'll tell you all about my busy weekend in a bit. But! First things first! Welcome to all those new followers, the counter is up to 26 already, who'd have thought?! I'm thinking a giveaway of some sort should be held soon, as a celebration... Will keep you posted.

Now. About that weekend. I've spent last weekend with friends from the UK, and while I'm still not entirely caught up on sleep, I'd do it again this weekend if it were possible. Had a great time! We picked them up on Friday morning (was in the car by 7 am for my first long solo drive since I got my driver's licence, it was quite scary at times), spent the day lounging in the sun and walking around town.

Because I kinda had to, I made raspberry-white chocolate cupcakes and lemon cake. The cupcakes were supposed to have pink raspberry frosting on them, because they were supposed to be Mana Cakes. Not my idea, by the way. But my reading skills failed miserably, causing me to bring home just one tube of powdered sugar in stead of two, or even three. I discovered this when the shops were already closed, of course, and decided to give it a try anyway. The resulting frosting was.. well, no frosting at all, really. I covered one cupcake in the liquid substance and threw out the rest. (and then I made the guy who demanded cupcakes with pink frosting eat that one. Muhahaha) The unfrosted ones were delicious nonetheless, as was the lemon cake. It's a recipe that I've made twice now and it's such a good, lemony, tasty cake! I found the recipe here. Trust me. Make this cake sometime. It's so good!

Saturday was spent in Amsterdam, where we saw more bars and cafes than actual sightseeing sights. We did take a boat tour through the canals of Amsterdam, which was surprisingly interesting and fun, even for a born and bred Dutch girl like myself. We enjoyed the weather, the sunshine and the sights. On Sunday, they had to fly home again, so in the car we went again for yet another 1.5 hour drive to the airport.

In other news, I received a swap package on Friday all the way from America from the lovely Debbie! We joined the swap on the We Love Lucy group on Ravelry. I'm still working on my package for her, so no details about that, but here's what she sent me! A big box, filled with sparkly tissue paper! Ooooooo!

No, just kidding, the contents of the paper were much more ooo-worthy.

Chocolate, assorted teas, gorgeous smelling soap, bookmarks, and delicious, squish-worthy superwash merino yarn! OooOOooo! I've been so incredibly spoiled! But no worries Debbie, your special package will soon be on its way!

This weekend I've got a trip-that-shall-not-be-mentioned-before-the-swap-parcel-arrives-in-America planned so hopefully, I will have some more interesting things to share very soon. Until then, my friends!

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  1. I'm in the ravelry swap too (samie1914), looks like you got an awesome package! I can't wait for mine!!