4 June 2011

Cookies. There's always time for cookies.

You know, sometimes I just want to bake cookies. Not even to eat them, although that's a nice benefit. No, just the process of making dough and baking cookies and having the whole house fill up with the scent of freshly baked goodies from the oven... It's like cheap and delicious therapy. Calms me right down.

Last week, I had such an urge. On Thursday, I decided that I wanted to bake cookies, but remembered that I had used up the sugar. So, off to do groceries we went, and brought back a bag of sugar. On Friday, when I wanted to bake cookies, I remembered that I also needed brown sugar, got distracted, and remembered again on Saturday during a grocery run. On Sunday morning, I decided that this was the day, I was going to bake cookies! I was all set, pulled butter and eggs out of the fridge, grabbed both the types of sugar, grabbed chocolate and dried cranberries and my box of oats and nuts, opened my pantry... And discovered I was out of flour.


Long story short: it took me a week to finally get all the ingredients together to bake.

But then it came together very quickly. See, first, I made this dough. I'm pretty sure I've linked to it before: it's the Everything cookie recipe from Pioneer Woman. It's the best dough! And it's good for any type of cookie, too, whether you bake them plain or fill them up with chocolate, or fruit, or nuts, or a variation of all the above... And it's so good, I forgot I was supposed to put it in the oven when it was at this stage and was all ready to just dive in and eat it all. I've stopped myself before this could happen, though, because I wasn't done yet!
See, I had chocolate. And cranberries. And that just adds more nomnomminess to this dough.

But adding these oats and nuts to the mix makes it even more delicious! It's a good thing I didn't eat that plain dough, isn't it?

So while these went into the oven....

I took care of this. And when that was done...

these were as well. Hmmm.... Tasty! And they smell divine! Good enough in fact, to lure the BF out of the study and into the kitchen, to steal some while I'm not looking.

Can't really blame him. I mean..

These really are damn tasty.


  1. Yummy! I love cookies... and when you have to work for them like you did with all the grocery shopping they probably taste even more delicious! :)


  2. I totally get that urge too! We should bake cookies together. hehe

  3. These look bloody amazing! Yummy indeed - is there a recipe you can share? I know thats lazy because I could probably find one myself... but these are tried & tested!! :-)

  4. They look delicious! Mmm cookies.