27 June 2011

I've gone and done something!

Something... blog-related! Yep! It's special, as well. Really. Never done it before. Or, well, done it once or twice, but not consistently!

Any idea what I'm talking about yet?

Ha, okay, I'll tell you. I've gone back to all my posts and added tags! Exciting, isn't it?! Now if you want, you can see all the posts I made about food, or about crafts, or about photography, in one go!

It taught me a lot about my little blog. For instance, it taught me that Blogger does not have a nifty 'this is a label? now it's a page!' button. Booh, Blogger. Booh. So yeah, those labels don't have a place to go yet, apart from underneath all my posts. You can click on the label and it'll give you a list of all posts labelled with that label. Nifty.
It also taught me that I had 5 more posts in my archives than I actually have posted. Can you believe that in 1.5 years, I have only made 86 posts?! I could have sworn it were tons more! Or well, there were 5 more, but these turned out to be drafts containing no more than a few words, if any, and one rant about my birthday. Good thing I threw that one out. But it does mean that I have only 13 posts to go before the big number! 100 posts! I'm going to do something fun for that one. Only 13 more posts to decide what that fun thing will be.

It also taught me that my photography skillz (which, really, aren't exactly skillz yet) have vastly improved over the course of the year-and-a-half that I've been running this blog. Like, really. It's almost embarassing that those pictures are up there.

Speaking of pictures, I've also decided that from now on, I will use larger pictures and scale them down to size, so that if you want, you can see the larger version of the picture when you click on it. Nifty, huh?

And to prove that it works, and because I hate pictureless blogposts, here's a picture of two ducks that has absolutely nothing to do with this post. Because who doesn't like ducks?

And in a last act of 'it's summer and therefore things should change'-ism, I decided that I will be fidgeting with the look of this blog a little in the next few days/weeks. Because with all the work I have lined up already, I sure could use another timesink to add to the list.


  1. Interesting..sounds like you have had a good year and a half..I hope you continue to have more. :)

  2. Blogger does have the option to put your labels in a list in the side bar. Not sure if this is only available in certain layouts/themes, but it does exist.

    Hurray for 86 posts :) happy early 100!

  3. Great photo (yes, I love ducks. And chickens, too!) And congratulations on your tagging achievements :-)