28 March 2012

FO: Blue shawl

Last year, I think, I started working on this pattern called the 'Elise shawl'. It was a pattern I had stumbled upon during my search for a shawl pattern. Mind you, this search had been going on for weeks. I came across several patterns that I liked, but they turned out to be too difficult, not my style after all, not looking good in the yarn I had in mind.. If you're crafty, you know the drill.

The Elise shawl is very simple, it has a build-up of a few rows and after that, it's simply 'repeat lines 5 and 6 for x repeats or until big enough'. Naturally, I deviated from the pattern, because I'm fuzzy-brained and can't remember simple repeat patterns, and too lazy to go look them up.

It's large enough, but not bulky thanks to the yarn weight. The edging is a simple picot border, with interchanging small and large clusters of picot stitches.

Yes, it matches my glasses! Trust me, this was unintentional, but I guess I'm just strongly drawn to these kinds of blues. As you can see, it's comfy, yet airy and light enough for spring! I have a feeling it's going to see a lot of use.


  1. That colour looks absolutely stunning with your hair!

  2. NICE! Beautiful colour. I finished mine and have not touched it since :( I found a new home for it as it just wasn't my colour (pink and yellow... what was i thinking!!!)

  3. hello again .. hehe

    I've given you a bloggie award :D http://omlair.blogspot.com/2012/04/oh-stop-it-you.html