21 June 2012

Blogs I love: summer edition

Today is the first day of summer! And I say this, knowing that outside the temperature is barely rising above the 15 degrees and there's a lot of rain coming my way sometime today. Yes. We call this a "Dutch summer". It's as good as it's going to get.

So why not stay indoors and read up on some awesome blogs?!

- I have posted about her before, but Andy is such a rockstar when it comes to craft-blogging, it bares repeating. Over at Untangling Knots, she has started her new mini-series, "Summer of the Blog"! I'm a big fan of her mini-series, as they are very informative and well-written. This one focuses on the art of craft-blogging, and will contain a ton of advice as well as discussion on what makes a good craft-blog.

- For a splash of colour in your day-to-day life, which everyone would need if the summer will be this grey and dull, hop on over to Creature Comforts for her Color Inspiration Daily! Graphic designs, prints, pictures, these posts are bound to make you happy. I know they make me happy!

- The same thing goes for the entire blog Oh the Lovely Things. The name says it all really. This is one heck of a lovely blog full of colour-inspiration, gorgeous prints, lots of DIY-goodness...

- Crea in the City is a lovely blog for many reasons. 1: She's Dutch. Yay! 2: She makes adorable things. Yay! 3: She has the cutest dog ever who doesn't mind being used as the occasional photo-prop. Yay! 4: I really enjoy reading her blog just for the cozy-factor. And we all know that when you're freezing in your optimistic pair of shorts or summer skirt, cozy is what you need. Lots of cozy.

What blogs do you love to read during the summer? I love to add more to the list!

Happy reading!


  1. Wat super lief dat je mijn blog er tussen hebt gezet! Ik voel me zeer vereerd. Ik ga snel bij de andere blogs kijken, zo ontdek je nog eens wat nieuwe dingen!

    1. Graag gedaan hoor! Is verdiend, ik vind dat je erg leuk schrijft!