3 June 2012

Why I love sunsets

They're faded and dull, yet colourful at the same time. And they only grow more colourful the longer you stare out into the darkness, as all lights just fades away into the background and all you're left with, all that you see, is the growing intensity of those hues of blue and pink and orange and red.

(P.s. I have been messing about with my blog again, and have added three nifty little buttons underneath my blogposts: a Pinterest-pin-button, a Facebook-share-button and a Twitter-tweet-button! You know, just in case you ever feel the need to pin, share or tweet about something from my blog. So pin, share and tweet away, my friends!)


  1. sweeet buttons. I might just copy you :P

    Though I don't really do much tweeting myself. Maybe I should

    "Reading Tecrin's post and eating yoghurt"

    such an exciting life I lead!

    Also, sunsets rawk.

    1. Haha XD Well, the last thing I tweeted about was getting humped by a jack russell-puppy, talk about exciting!

  2. sweet! You're spot on about the sunsets. I can never get those darned buttons to line up right on my blog, I gave up in the end! I'll find you on pinterest :)