4 September 2012

FO: breaking bad-sket

I can't believe it's September already. Summer's almost over! In fact, meteorologically speaking (that is totally a word, spell check), it's already over. Just when I was starting to enjoy it!

Nah, who am I kidding, I really don't like summer that much. I like cold more than constant heat. Cold I can deal with. Sweaters help against cold. Can't dress to beat the heat when it's hanging around you like a suffocating blanket. Give me a nice crisp autumn day any day. Going out for a walk in the forest, all those gorgeous, gorgeous fall colours and the crunch of fallen leaves under my feet... Gathering chestnuts and making plans to roast them while we never actually do that... And then going home, or to a little café, putting my feet up (unless it's a nice café, of course) and drinking some hot tea or chocolate milk. Ah... I really love fall.

Summer left me in a bit of a crafting rut. I'm sure you all have had those before, those of you that craft, but it's been particularly bad for me this year. My last FO? The Spring Ripple Scarf, dating back to the 11th of May. Holy crap! Sure, I've started a project or two, but none of those look like they'll ever actually be finished. (especially that last one. I gave up after hauling two full loads of trash from the storage to the city dump. Nearly broke my back on a surprise!box full of bricks and stones left over from when we tore down the kitchen wall by accident. Four years ago. But hey, at least both our bikes now fit in there again without taking bits off! That's a win, right?) Last week, I got so frustrated, I grabbed the biggest crochet hook I could find, grabbed four balls of acrylic yarn in different hues of blue (and one variegated blue/grey mix), and single-crocheted a basked while watching episodes of Breaking Bad.

I give you: The Breaking Bad-sket.

In crystal meth-blue.

I don't have to tell you what the construction of this basket is, do I? I mean, it's all single crochet, the base is a slip stitch round until I thought it was big enough, and then I did one round of front loop only singles to start the side, followed by more rounds of single crochet until I thought it was high enough. I did add handles, but that's simply by chaining 12 stitches instead of making them, and I'm not even sure I will use it with the handles or just with a folded brim.
The colour-changing was fun, though. I haven't tried this before but it gives a nice result.

I think I planned on using this as a project bag/basket (bagsket?) for future projects, but right now it just holds the yarn I used to make this and no new project. But hey, who knows? I might make more of these with the same yarn! It'll be a self-fulfilling prophecy!

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  1. cool basket. I have projects which I've made while watching something, and I will forever associate them with that show. My last baby blanket is associated with rules of engagement.

    I totally agree with you re hot and cold weather. We're just coming into spring here, which is nice but I never look forward to summer :(