19 September 2012

FO: puff stitch cowl

Don't you just love big squishy shawls and cowls? I know I do. Now that the seasons are turning I am finding myself actually looking forward to going outside with my big fluffy, black, fabric, store-bought shawl around my neck and I couldn't fight the urge to make me something equally fluffy and comfy with yarn. So off to the craft store I went!

This squishy cowl is made with 100% acrylics. Yes, yarn snobs of the internet world, acrylics. It's Phildar, though, does that make it better? It's Phildar Impact 3.5 and honestly, it is the squishiest, softest acrylic yarn I have laid paws on in a long while. The yarn doesn't squeak, as a lot of cheap acrylics do, nor does it pill like a maniac, as other cheap acrylics do. It has a bit of bounce to it and is perfect for big stitches like the puff stitch because the loops blend together quite nicely.

The puff stitch is a really easy stitch but it makes for a really puffy, soft cowl. And so.. fluffy! It's really wide, as I have doubled it up in the pictures as it was halfway over my face otherwise, but that's by design: I wanted it to be warm and cosy.The cowl itself is made in a lighter and darker grey, alternating in a 5, 1, 1 pattern, and, seeing as I started with 5 dark grey rows, I ended with 5 rows of light, 1 row of dark, 1 row of light, to make for a continuing pattern. I love stripe sequences like that!

I really can't take pictures of myself without looking like a tool... Though I must say, the loving gaze I'm giving my cowl in the one above makes me laugh. 'Oh cowl, you so fluffy. I'mma keep you and pet you and cuddle you and wear you forever and call you Janice.' Also, how freakishly long is my hair?!

In other news, I think my poor camera may be dying! I had to erase a dead pixel from my pictures and, what's worse, most of my pictures came out extremely blurry. In fact, these two were the only salvageable ones! And the second one is still blurry. No, don't worry, it's not your eyes. I really hope that it's just some weird glitch or something because I really can't miss my camera and I don't have the money for a new one... (or, at least, not the new one I want. Because hello, DSLR... ) So... :(


  1. The cowl looks so squishy and fabulous! Eh, all yarns have their uses - no need to apologize for acrylic :)

  2. Absolutely love the fluffy cowl! And also - don't cut your hair! :D x

    1. Hahaha XD It really needs a bit of a cut though... I haven't had a haircut in more than a year! It's tangle city! And maybe a bit of colour...