4 February 2013


Hey! That doesn't look like an appetiser!

Oh, you guys, I have been so busy it's unreal! First, there was work-related busy. Then, I was busy with wedding stuff. Then I got busy with the flu for a couple of days, followed by more wedding-related busy-being, then it was suddenly already February and I was busy with festival-related preparatory stuff. (The ticketsale for Lowlands 2013 began last Saturday. We spent the morning getting horribly stressed out because of the waiting line on the website, there was some stress involved in the actual purchasing of the first 4 tickets when we finally got through the waiting line, then we spent some time verifying with the others that were in that same digital waiting line that we indeed got all 12 tickets needed for this year, and then we went over to my parents' house to celebrate with everyone of our festival-group (brother, sister, mother, significant others, and a bunch of friends) that we all got tickets and that we were really going! Whoo!)

That sort of looks like food...

No excuse to neglect my poor little blog, of course. So please take this post as a kind of appetiser, with a handful of previews of stuff I made, am working on, have devoured with gusto, you get the idea, with some actual blog content to follow in the next few days!
Yep, that looks like actual food content. Hmmm... Food...

I promise I won't keep you waiting too long!

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  1. I'm excited for the content of all this! Don't worry too much... everyone needs a blogging break to get their lives on track from time to time. Welcome back!